How Building Product Manufacturers benefit from BIM

BIM isn’t something that only concerns planning and engineering agencies: also manufacturers can benefit a great deal from BIM. This free Whitepaper explains what you as a manufacturer need to know about BIM and more importantly: how to turn it into your competitive advantage.

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Key take-aways from

this whitepaper: 


✔ Why Manufacturers should care about BIM


✔ Turn BIM into a data-driven Marketing tool

✔ Increase the likelihood of purchase through BIM

Paul Sexton

Technical Marketing Manager

  “Our customers need to deliver extensive designs for their projects. We took on the BIM challenge to make it as easy as possible for engineers to select Mitsubishi Electric over and above any other brand.”  

  Vincent Heijnen

General Director 

“The engineering phase has become the most important phase in the construction process, as it determines whether or not we will be successful as an industry. That's why easily available and 100% correct BIM files are of great importance.”

   Johan Kuipers   

Product Specialist  

“Whether it's about connecting systems, products or people, data is everywhere. The challenge is to use this data in a way that optimally meets the needs of the customer.”

  Mathias van den Broeck Product Manager

  “Until recently we mainly focused on making the installation process easier, but now the design speed has become crucial.”  


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